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Web Polling for the Masses

Voting mechanisms such as and [like-button] are everywhere.
Poll.li provides a colorful new way to vote on internet content. Just like , you can use pollli to let your users vote on a page, or on individual items on a page.


How it works

Users click on an emoticon to express how they feel about content. After voting, the emoticon will appear washed out to the voter. Users can change their votes at any time. Vote counts are presented to all users. Get your first taste of Poll.li by clicking on an emoticon!


Poll.li comes in two main styles. 2-style is basically an up or down format (like or dislike, good or bad, witty or dull, etc).

8-style is a way of voting for one of 8 emoticons. In the 8-style, only the emoticons with the top vote counts are presented. We hide the rest in order to save room on the page. If you want to add more variety to your page, this might be the way to go.


Different sites require different looks. Poll.li is intended to be very open-ended when it comes to styling. Colors, fonts, and positioning are configurable. We offer a number of emoticon designs out of the box, and we would be more than happy to host new designs for you. See the FAQ for instructions on emoticon submissions. Here are three examples of distinct designs.

8bit, gray container

Basic emoticons, pill container

Poll.li theme, no container

Under the hood

On the client side, Poll.li consists of a Javascript widget. When the page is loaded, a request is made to retrieve votes. User votes are associated with a key made up of a URL and a unique div id. When a user submits a vote, the selection is sent to Poll.li's servers and stored.


Poll.li works with commenting systems on Wordpress, Typepad, LiveJournal, and a variety of other platforms. We designed Poll.li so that you have very fine-grained control over the look of the widget. As a developer, you can change the look by setting JS variables. See the how to page for more information.

Why should I use this?

Poll.li is great for the 90% of users who don't take the time to write comments. The widget allows them to click once to share their opinion. Poll.li is different from other one-click voting systems in that it adds variety to the type of votes that are possible. Colorful feedback can quickly be added to your page.

A Working Example

Hi, my name is Poll.li

I was born in the jungles of central america.

My formative years were joyous. I gathered nuts and seeds and mimicked the calls of my friend the spider monkey. I took voice lessons, speech, and drama. Family was always important to me.

Then one day I was trapped, brought aboard the pirate galley, and introduced for the first time to the Cracker. My life changed completely from that day forward.

My youth seems like a dream now. I live for the Cracker, and have witnessed many sins aboard this ship. Now I have been made into some sort of a voting mechanism for bloggers. Could it get any weirder?


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22nd March 2012
Cap'n Randal says:
Ahoy thar, Pollli, wretched crackerhead! Yer weak in the knees. Brin' me a bit o’ grog ‘fore I poke ye with a sword!
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22nd March 2012
Mr. Cracker says:
I’m cold and scared. I don’t want to be bird food!
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22nd March 2012
Poll.liana says:
Scared? I think he’s just adorable. Mmmmmm, Pollli. I love your haircut big boy!

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see the how to page for more information on configuration